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MEET THE Daughters

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As difficult as it is at any age to lose a mother to Alzheimer's, losing a mother to this disease and becoming a caregiver when you're still a child yourself is an experience with its own set of trials. Annette was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's at age forty-seven. At the time of her diagnosis, her daughters were nine and eleven. As a college student, Allie share stories about the difficult years before her mother moved to a memory care facility. She also describes how writing poetry helped her move forward.

Come meet Allie and her mother--

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Gladys Marie Savarese

Roni's mom, Gladys, died in an iron lung at the age of thirty-four when Roni was nine. As Roni talks about her difficult years growing up, she offers this advice, "What you do with your life is your choice." Roni also has a "last words" story to share.

Come meet Roni--

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Winnifred Martyn Horn

The author's mom, Winnie, died at thirty-four when Mershon was eight. Mershon's grandmother, Winnifred, died when Mershon's mother was three. The author shares a legacy of mother loss experiences including how to deal with feelings of abandonment, surviving her anniversary year, and how therapy made a difference. 

Come meet Mershon---

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