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"Though the subject is mother loss, it is also a larger book on living a life of improvement. Mom's Gone, Now What? covers the topic of mother loss clearly and practically while simultaneously being a book about living the observed life."

---Mitchell Bruski, CEO (ret.) Kenneth Young Center

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About the Book

Mershon Niesner understands that losing your mother is a life-altering experience. Her writing is a guide forward as you strive to answer the "now what?" question in your mother loss journey. 


About the Author

Mershon Niesner was eight-years-old when her mother died. In addition to her early loss story, Mershon interviewed over fifty daughters. Their stories give readers who have experienced teen or young adult loss, loss through homicide, abandonment, or Alzheimer's disease a sense of camaraderie, insight into how to move forward and compassion for the experiences of others. 

MEET  some Mothers

Annette Wheat

Gladys Marie Savarese

Winnie Martyn Horn

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If you've suffered mother loss, no matter your age or the reason, Mom's Gone, Now What? is the book to read. You'll find a story you can identify with as I did in the tales of three women who experienced the loss of their mother from dementia. 

Shirley Woolaway, author, Dementia: Up Close and Personal, A Caregiver's Tale

Feb 03, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
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